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Can't Get the Dark Out (CD/Digital Download)

"Can't Get the Dark Out" is collection of heart-wrenching and speaker-smashing songs, Kelly's follow-up to her 2019 full-length OK, I Feel Better Now. Songs for crying, songs for jamming, songs for burning your ex's photos.

Produced by Brandy Zdan, cover art by Jake Diggity (includes photo by Autumn Dozier).
All songs written by Kelly Hoppenjans.

About Can't Get the Dark Out:
Nashville singer-songwriter Kelly Hoppenjans creates empowering rock, combining the spirit of riot grrrl tinged with folky introspection. The follow-up to her energetic 2019 full-length debut, OK, I Feel Better Now, her new EP Can’t Get the Dark Out dives deep into relationships, fate, and breaking free of toxic patterns. The EP is inspired in part by Hoppenjans’ journey of finding love during the pandemic: navigating online dating, confinement, and impending life changes to sustain that love. “I wanted this album to be a messy love story,” Hoppenjans says, “the joys and struggles of finding love in a dark, difficult world.”